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Pilot Program

(originally posted 26 April 2012)

April 28 concludes Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying’s (ASOAB) six week pilot project. Overall the pilot was a huge success. 15 children between the ages of 5-12 who have suffered from the impacts of bullying were encouraged to rediscover what is unique about them self through Zentangle, Clog dancing, Yoga, Drama and music.  Parents were invited to share this experience with their child, which they did.  The parents were also provided with opportunities to meet with Carleana to discuss their own concerns about their children and the impacts bullying has on the family as a whole.  Some of the participants shared since attending the ASOAB program they had found new tools to address the bullying.  They feel empowered to speak up, walk away and/or report the bullying.  In some cases, they’ve even called the bully out on their actions at the time the bullying is happening.  This is what are schools are telling our children to do but, if the children do not feel confident within themselves to do it, they don’t.  Too often, reported bullying is not effectively addressed either and so, the bullied must have an inter resource tool box they can pull from.  Artistically Speaking Out Against Bully teaches the participants how they can create and fill their very own personal tool box.  Thank you so much to the families who agreed to partner with us.  Moving forward, we now need to find the funds to secure a location to offer the program and offset those costs.