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Seeking your help…November 5, 2020

Hi everyone… If you or anyone you know is dealing with bullying – the bully, the bullied and/or the bystander, I would love to hear about their experience(s).  This could be bullying at school, children K-12 and/or post-secondary.  It could be workplace harassment.  It could be domestic violence, elder abuse, anything.  I would prefer you (they) reach out to me privately.  I can be reached via instant message through FB; Carleana De Wilde.  Confidentially will be honoured for anyone who contacts reaches me.  I’m trying to understand what is currently happening out there; and how it’s changed – or if anything has changed – over the past eight years; and how Covid19 may or may not have impacted bullying in our environments.  For more information, please feel free to ask me.  Thank you!