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Seeking your help…November 5, 2020

Hi everyone… If you or anyone you know is dealing with bullying – the bully, the bullied and/or the bystander, I would love to hear about their experience(s).  This could be bullying at school, children K-12 and/or post-secondary.  It could be workplace harassment.  It could be domestic violence, elder abuse, anything.  I would prefer you (they) reach out to me privately.  I can be reached via instant message through FB; Carleana De Wilde.  Confidentially will be honoured for anyone who contacts reaches me.  I’m trying to understand what is currently happening out there; and how it’s changed – or if anything has changed – over the past eight years; and how Covid19 may or may not have impacted bullying in our environments.  For more information, please feel free to ask me.  Thank you!   

Hunger Games vs BULLY

(originally posted 22 May 2012)

May has been a very interesting month, so far, for ASOAB.  Several new opportunities are being explored.  Check back regularly for updates.  Remember if you have any questions or are looking for assistance in handling a bullying related issue, do not hestitate to contact Carleana at  How many of you got a chance to see the movie BULLY?  How many took in the box office ‘hit’ “The Hunger Games”?  Were your children part of the Ontario education group that were taken out of school on a ‘field trip’ to see “The Hunger Games” but not “BULLY”?  You may (or may not) be surprise to learn what the education system’s response was to allowing one movie over the other…