Thoughts on Bully, the Movie

(originally posted 11 May 2012)

Ok….so I went to see the movie “Bully“. Sadly both times I was there; the theatre was quite empty.

I would like to follow up with the children and their families who were in the documentary to see if things have improved for their children and how? If not, what steps, if any have been taken? I’m also curious to learn what each of these communities and their education, police, health care, etc have done to improve the safety of ALL their children.

It’s strange huh? I wonder how many of our local educators went to see this movie. After all “The Hunger Games”, was a field trip for many of our Ontario elementary and secondary schools. I guess there is more value in exposing children/youth to a movie that depicts killing each other to win their right to survive…really looking at Bullying. Oh sorry the school permission form for this trip says “Learning Expectations for the trip: students will be viewing the film adaption of the novel ‘The Hunger Games’.” Not that either of my children who ‘had’ to attend this field trip had the “The Hunger Games” as a class novel study.

I wonder how they discussed the ‘film adaptation of the novel’ against the book if many of the children never read it. I’m guessing there wasn’t much ‘discussing’ going on in most of those classrooms either – at least of any academic value.  Oh well, our Ontario academic education ratings are so high, our children certainly can afford to have their teachers ‘kill’ 3 hours of their classroom learning time sitting in a movie theatre several times a year/semester.

Now, had they gone to see “Bully”, I’m imagine there would have been lots of opportunity for meaningful discussion. Even if the discussion wasn’t academic, it certainly would be more in tune with what is happening in their class, their school their day-to-day lives then “The Hunger Games” is. Both the adults and students might have been able to see/learn what BULLYING is and the role everyone plays in either enabling or disabling it.

Responsible use of technology in schools provides real life learning opportunities.  However, I’ve always had a problem with my children watching movies in class; especially when the movie choice of the teacher offers NO education value!

Your thoughts…..

Comments on the Pilot Program

(originally posted 3 May 2012)

Politicians are speaking out positively about Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying

MPP Jeff Yurek Tweeted:
“Congrats to Carleana De Kelver and her successful Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying. Thank you for the program, keep it”

MP Ed Holder shares in his Holder’s Happenings:
“Was honoured to accept an invitation from Carleana DeKelver, Founder/Executive Director of Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying to attend a student a graduation at the Children’s Aid Society. The program inspires confidence in these young people to feel empowered in addressing bullying. Please visit their website at:“.

If you are looking for a positive way to help your child deal with the impacts of bullying, considering Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying for you and your child.

End of Pilot Program

(originally posted 1 May 2012)

April 28 Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying’s pilot project ends and what a celebration.  The participants invited their own special guests many of who were able to join.   A special thank you to each of our guests who took the time to join us.  It was so nice to see a few of our political representatives as well as directors from several local child/youth organizations.  Guests were welcome but our youth and admistrative directors; then directed to the upper galary where the participants welcomed them with by dancing.  Within a few moments of arriving, even our guests we dancing with the participants.  Finally we gathered in the ‘Zentangle’ room where each of the 15 participants receive a certificate of pariticipation and a bullying mascot (thank you Jordan of Canabears).  One of the participants displayed courage and shared what attending Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying meant to her.  She shared while she knows she can’t stop the bullying, she now believes she is not stupid or ugly.  She now feels stronger so she can walk away from the bullying and even report it.  She found her self worth, value.  Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying, will take some time now to review the how the pilot project went then set some goals as to how to move forward.  These families, the participants and their children, as well as many others need us to help them discover their worth.

Pilot Program

(originally posted 26 April 2012)

April 28 concludes Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying’s (ASOAB) six week pilot project. Overall the pilot was a huge success. 15 children between the ages of 5-12 who have suffered from the impacts of bullying were encouraged to rediscover what is unique about them self through Zentangle, Clog dancing, Yoga, Drama and music.  Parents were invited to share this experience with their child, which they did.  The parents were also provided with opportunities to meet with Carleana to discuss their own concerns about their children and the impacts bullying has on the family as a whole.  Some of the participants shared since attending the ASOAB program they had found new tools to address the bullying.  They feel empowered to speak up, walk away and/or report the bullying.  In some cases, they’ve even called the bully out on their actions at the time the bullying is happening.  This is what are schools are telling our children to do but, if the children do not feel confident within themselves to do it, they don’t.  Too often, reported bullying is not effectively addressed either and so, the bullied must have an inter resource tool box they can pull from.  Artistically Speaking Out Against Bully teaches the participants how they can create and fill their very own personal tool box.  Thank you so much to the families who agreed to partner with us.  Moving forward, we now need to find the funds to secure a location to offer the program and offset those costs.


What’s New?

(originally posted 4 April 2012)

….Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying is NEW!

Welcome to the amazing and wonderful world of Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying (ASOAB). ASOAB is designed to help children and youth ‘in the meantime’ while they are waiting for ‘it to get better’!

But that’s not all. Because bullying happens to everyone at any age, ASOAB offers many art based programs for all ages to explore. As you rediscover what makes you unique, we want you to find value in who YOU are, so you feel empowered to make the choices you want to in order to be your best self.

So, in addition to a variety of art programs, we offer interactive supports for you while you address bullying in your workplace and/or your child’s school.

Together we will look at:

  • Current legislation, polices, etc;
  • Your rights and responsibilities; and
  • Your options

As well, we provide a confidential and unique coaching style that works with you.  By exploring who you are today; you build self-acceptance. If you decide you may want to make changes, we can explore those options which work on building self-discipline. Knowing you have choices ~ engages YOU. Acting on them…is always your decision. Making decisions right for you builds your self-confidence so you feel empowered to continue to make better self/life choices.

ASOAB is in the middle of a very exciting time right now.  So…. stay tuned!