Update on ASOAB events

Saturday evening, November 16th, Sandy White spoke about bullying and ASOAB at the Youth on Fire event. Sandy shared that the performances were very nice.

Chelsea De Kelver, Katharina Kiewiet, Sandy White and Carleana De Wilde attended the Rhapsody in Blue concert on November 17th. Orchestra London’s Pop classic was amazing. Airat Ichmouratov added a lovely Russian flavour to the after while Kornel Wolack and Chris Donnely were brilliant on the clarinet and piano respectively.

In the photo from left to right, Chelsea De Kelver, Katharina Kiewiet, Carleana De Wilde, Kornel Wolack, Chris Donnely and Sandy White.

ASOAB at Orchestra London

Sunday evening, Carleana presented and lead a discussion about bullying with the London Seekers. The conversation was both engaging and inspiring. Brief discussion transpired about offering support specifically to adults impacted by bullying. More to come.

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