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(originally posted 4 April 2012)

….Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying is NEW!

Welcome to the amazing and wonderful world of Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying (ASOAB). ASOAB is designed to help children and youth ‘in the meantime’ while they are waiting for ‘it to get better’!

But that’s not all. Because bullying happens to everyone at any age, ASOAB offers many art based programs for all ages to explore. As you rediscover what makes you unique, we want you to find value in who YOU are, so you feel empowered to make the choices you want to in order to be your best self.

So, in addition to a variety of art programs, we offer interactive supports for you while you address bullying in your workplace and/or your child’s school.

Together we will look at:

  • Current legislation, polices, etc;
  • Your rights and responsibilities; and
  • Your options

As well, we provide a confidential and unique coaching style that works with you.  By exploring who you are today; you build self-acceptance. If you decide you may want to make changes, we can explore those options which work on building self-discipline. Knowing you have choices ~ engages YOU. Acting on them…is always your decision. Making decisions right for you builds your self-confidence so you feel empowered to continue to make better self/life choices.

ASOAB is in the middle of a very exciting time right now.  So…. stay tuned!


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