End of Pilot Program

(originally posted 1 May 2012)

April 28 Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying’s pilot project ends and what a celebration.  The participants invited their own special guests many of who were able to join.   A special thank you to each of our guests who took the time to join us.  It was so nice to see a few of our political representatives as well as directors from several local child/youth organizations.  Guests were welcome but our youth and admistrative directors; then directed to the upper galary where the participants welcomed them with by dancing.  Within a few moments of arriving, even our guests we dancing with the participants.  Finally we gathered in the ‘Zentangle’ room where each of the 15 participants receive a certificate of pariticipation and a bullying mascot (thank you Jordan of Canabears).  One of the participants displayed courage and shared what attending Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying meant to her.  She shared while she knows she can’t stop the bullying, she now believes she is not stupid or ugly.  She now feels stronger so she can walk away from the bullying and even report it.  She found her self worth, value.  Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying, will take some time now to review the how the pilot project went then set some goals as to how to move forward.  These families, the participants and their children, as well as many others need us to help them discover their worth.

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