Comments on the Pilot Program

(originally posted 3 May 2012)

Politicians are speaking out positively about Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying

MPP Jeff Yurek Tweeted:
“Congrats to Carleana De Kelver and her successful Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying. Thank you for the program, keep it”

MP Ed Holder shares in his Holder’s Happenings:
“Was honoured to accept an invitation from Carleana DeKelver, Founder/Executive Director of Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying to attend a student a graduation at the Children’s Aid Society. The program inspires confidence in these young people to feel empowered in addressing bullying. Please visit their website at:“.

If you are looking for a positive way to help your child deal with the impacts of bullying, considering Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying for you and your child.

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